Grandfather Tree

    I'm not sure why, but these ancient trees are always masculine and always old.  It feels right.  The soul in that tree feels like an old man.  Probably already old when the world was formed!
    Old and a little cranky.  He doesn't make it easy.  You have to work at it if you want to rest under those limbs.  And he's not designed for climbing.  Not if you're as big as a human.
    Packrats find it easier.  Some of these old trees have amazingly large packrat nests twisted around their trunks.  There are also bird nests in those densely needled limbs.  A safer haven than the few other species of trees that grow in the Black Rock area.  Predators can work through those limbs but they have to struggle to do it.  It reduces the predator's advantage.
    Look at what appears to be dead limbs in the foreground.  They are spread in front of the tree almost like stumps.  They are not stumps, they are not dead limbs, they are not markers of death, they are roots.
    Generations, decades, centuries of root growth spread in front of that tree.  Supporting life in a climate that requires much effort for survival.  Just to live and keep growing that tree spread away from its central tap root creating a whole network of huge and very tough roots.

People who visit any of the northern desert areas will come 
on places that are special, that just feel "right."   Energy flows though them energizing the soul.  This draws many people out on the desert to experience this effect. The largest number are the thousands who attend the Burning Man festival.

Sometimes the playa will remind you that it was once 
a large interconnected lake!  Hard to imagine when you're swallowing alkali in the summer!  Here's the proof!



                The playa is a large canvas.  All types of          
            "workings" can  be done on it.   

             Including this one asking for personal blessings.
            "Workings" focus your mind on situations you   
             want to change or problems you need to solve.